St. John's Cemetery Hampton, Va

Date of Investigation:

December 27, 2006

Geomagnetic Field:


Solar X-Rays:


Moon Phase:

1st Quarter 54%

Investigators Present:

Dan Jungles

Site Address:

St John’s Church and Cemetery

100 West Queens Way

Hampton, Virginia

Age of site:

The first burial in the cemetery was November 19, 1701.

The church was built in 1728.

Current Status of site:

The church is still actively being used. The cemetery has no more room in it for new burials, but is well maintained.

Phenomena reported:

There has been reports of apparitions of civil war soldiers in the cemetery near the back of the church. A woman in a Victorian dress has also been seen walking in the middle of the cemetery.

Number of photos taken:

184 digital photos

Video taken:


Audio Recorded:

2 hours and 22 minutes

Start time:



58 degrees Fahrenheit

EMF reading:

The base reading was .02 milligauss

Fluctuations were between .02 to .05 milligauss

Investigation notes:

Upon arriving in the cemetery it was clear the importance of the people buried there and the impact they had on the surrounding area. The cemetery is well maintained and extremely quiet. There was no one else in the cemetery during the course of the investigation. Only a few of the grave sites were decorated for the holidays. The reason maybe due to the age of the grave sites and the families no longer being in the area or deceased themselves. On two separate occasions it sounded like someone whispering into my ear.

Review of data:


184 digital photos were taken. In one of the photos appears to be the apparition of a man among the headstones. He appears to be a white male wearing a blue shirt and has brown hair. The other photos in this area does not show the same image or anything that could possibly case it.

View Photo <<--click to view


Audio was recorded during the entire investigation, regardless if questions were being asked.

Nineteen minutes into the investigation, at 4:23pm the first EVP was recorded. It was at this point I thought I heard someone whisper something into my ear. After playing the audio back it was a voice of a woman saying, ”Hey.” The voice sounds very breathy.   

Hey  <<--click to listen

About 40 seconds later, at 4:24pm the second EVP was recorded. The voice of the same female spirit as the previous EVP says, “Living here.”

Living Here <<--click to listen

Four minutes later, at 4:28pm the last EVP was recorded. The same female voice says, “Living.”

Living  <<--click to listen


No fluctuations in temperature was detected.

EMF readings:

No abnormal fluctuations were reported. The .02 milligauss to .05 milligauss readings were within the normal range that one might expect to find.


The evidence that was collected, both photographic and audio, clearly shows that St John’s Cemetery is haunted. The reports of paranormal activity at this location should be taken seriously. It is clear that at least one female spirit wanted to acknowledged and it to be known that they are still living people. The activity does not appear to be threatening in nature. I believe that the activity will continue indefinitely. Those buried there do not want to be forgotten.