Saint Luke's Ghost, Smithfield, Va

On December 30, 2006 Lead Investigator for the WCGHS conducted an investigation at the St. Luke's Church and Graveyard in Smithfield, Virginia. The church dates back to 1623 and the graveyard is believed to be just as old. There was no one else in the graveyard during the course of the investigation. The temperature was 61 degrees, when the IR gun detected a temperature of 47 degrees in this area. Dan then took a number of photos. In the photo appears to be an apparition of a robed figure walking down the path that runs past the headstones and to the church. It is transparent, but very visible. The photo was taken at 4:34pm.

The image is to the right of the tree and j ust past the family plot with the fence around it. It is directly under the black arrow.

A close-up image of the robed figure.

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