Submitted Paranormal Evidence & Ghost Stories

    The following pages are a collection of the evidence that has been submitted to the Will County Ghost Hunters Society of the course of several years. The people submitting the evidence believe it to be paranormal in nature. We do not necessarily believe that everything in these photos, videos, and EVPs are paranormal in nature. However, we believe in allowing other people to have the opportunity to view the evidence that has been submitted to us and to form their own opinions.  We have categorized the evidences into the following pages; submitted ghost pictures, submitted ghost video, submitted EVPs, and ghost stories. If you would like to submit your evidence to us for our opinion or to have us post it onto our site, please email us at  with the subject heading Submitted Evidence. Please include where it was taken, when, by whom, why, and any other information that you feel is relevant.

Submitted Ghost Pictures

Submitted Ghost Videos

Submitted EVPs -Coming Soon!

Ghost Stories