The Will County Ghost Hunters Society receives numerous pictures from people who would love to have their photos posted on our website for other people to view. For this reason we have added our submitted ghost pictures pages. By posting these photos we do not claim they are paranormal in nature. There are many in which we firmly believe are 100% explainable. However, we would like to give the opportunity to everyone to have their photos viewed. Those who view the photos and would like to rate the photos and post comments may do so. However, please do not post ignorant comments, they will be removed. We will accept all photos that are believed to be paranormal in nature (orbs, mists, vortexes, rods, shadows, apparitions, etc.). Please include a brief description with the photo. Where was it taken? When was it taken? Why was it taken? Who took the photo? Do your want you name and email address posted with the photo?  Please submit all photos to with the subject heading  Submitted Ghost Picture.