Submitted Ghost Pictures

     The Will County Ghost Hunters Society receives numerous pictures from people who would love to have their photos posted on our website for other people to view. For this reason we have added our submitted ghost pictures pages. By posting these photos we do not claim they are paranormal in nature. There are many in which we firmly believe are 100% explainable. However, we would like to give the opportunity to everyone to have their photos viewed. Those who view the photos and would like to rate the photos and post comments may do so. However, please do not post ignorant comments, they will be removed. We will accept all photos that are believed to be paranormal in nature (orbs, mists, vortexes, rods, shadows, apparitions, etc.). Please include a brief description with the photo. Where was it taken? When was it taken? Why was it taken? Who took the photo? Do your want you name and email address posted with the photo?  Please submit all photos to with the subject heading Ghost Picture.

Is this my brother?

     I have 2 pictures.

     The First one was taken at the store we bought and were running up until a

couple weeks ago. My Dad and brother built the store and sold it, but me and my

husband bought it back.


     My brother died May 22, 2009. My only real sibling and only brother, who was

5 years younger than me, He was 34. A car came driving into the store really fast

the day I took this. Then it just sat there. Then hit the gas and spun out. I took this

 picture for evidence to show the police and when I got home I saw a place that looks

 like him in it. I took it on October 7, 2009.


     The next picture was taken at his grave on October 8, 2009. I can see what looks

to be a face from the half point of the nose up and it also favors my brother.

I just wanted someone to take a look and see if something is there or if it is just

wishfully thinking that it is him.


     He is buried less than a half a mile from the store. We were very, very close

like best friends.


     Any help or thought on these would be greatly appreciated. I am from the

group collected ghost story's I am part owner with Norma and Matt.

                                                                                   Thank you.

                                                                                 Ginger Glasgow




Morris, IL Orb

  This photo was taken on October 21, 2009.   One shows the entire front porch and the other is the same photo cropped and enlarged to show the 'orb'.   It is the front porch of our house in Morris, IL  60450.   I found out the day after I took the photo that someone I had known for almost 30 years had died on October 20. 

-Submitted by

Karen Fabian


Bar Bass Ghost

     This picture was taken of me a year ago playing in a bar with my band in Edmonton Alberta. The photo was not altered and was taken with a digital camera. There was no smoke/fog machine in the bar and nothing that would indicate any interference. I have always had a strong connection with the paranormal and orbs and other anomalies ofton appear in photos with me. Thank-you!

-Submitted by

Mikkayla Albert


Christmas Eve Spirits

     This was one of a dozen photos taken on Christmas Eve during our family gift exchange, but it is the only one showing orbs.  All others taken minutes before and minutes after from the same angle, same camera, etc. show no orbs or specks of any kind.  What is interesting is that many of these orbs have color, not just white.  Any ideas?
-Submitted by
Diana Chamblin-Bevirt


     This is the last shot off of a disposable i took a few years ago.  If you need to see the original, I can do that but this is for real I promise you that. I don't have a scanner nor the negatives (i dont think) so i would
take a little work that I wouldn't mind doing if necessary. The original is in color, and you can see that was just snapped off without preparation because of the my house sneaking in the corner and the top of a bush at the bottom. Let me know what you think or post it up on that page and see what anyone thinks.



Roadside Spirits



     I came across your site while browsing, as I've always been interested in the paranormal but still somewhat skeptic as well. This pic was was taken on 21/12 08 around 11.10 am  from a digital camera - as was a load of others. I used to live in the Village Called 'Muirhouse' - which is on the outskirts of my town called Bo'ness in Central Scotland. The pictures were taken down the woods as I love these woods, it’s a personnel project for me, as I'm getting reacquainted with my old haunts there, researching  for a story etc. I can see faces on the left hand side mostly - around the tree, also in various parts of the picture too. I have never sent any pics I have to be analyzed  anywhere - this is a first. It would be good to hear your opinion as well as others as well. 



Hotel Spirit

     I wanted to submit a photo to you that I took December 24, 2008. We were having electrical problems at our home, so we went to a local hotel and got a two room suite to spend Christmas with our children.

     The children were in the other room sleeping, and my wife and I had just finished wrapping the rest of our kids Christmas Presents. I joked how tired she looked and took a picture with my camera and thought no more of it. The next day I went to look at the picture and noticed something in the frame to the far left. I uploaded the image into my computer to get a better look and we were startled by what we saw. There appears to be a image of a person with a head, torso and wide open mouth. You can see my wife looking past the image at the door of the hotel room. She had just thought she heard someone at the door.
     There was no one else with us in the room at the time, and we saw nothing at the time. What do you think? I would love to hear your input. The hotel is an old Holiday Inn Bristol, Tennessee, that is now an independent property. The hotel has been here at least 30 years+
-Submitted by
Bob Newman

Ghost Walk Vancouver, BC

These two pictures were taken in Gastown, an older section of downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada on Monday, Oct 27 in the evening by me.  I was on ghost walk with my Pathfinders (one up from Girl Guides), which we have done the past 3 years at this time.  This was down Blood Alley, and wow, what a great set of pictures I got. 

-Submitted by

Sue Floyd (


Grandmother's visit

     I took this picture this year in April.  I took a couple pictures before it and after.  I have taken a lot of pictures of orbs but I haven't seen an orb like this or whatever it was.  It was taken right after my grandmother's funeral; it looks like my grandson is looking straight at it.  I wondered if it maybe was the camera.  Can you post this and see what people say?

-Submitted by

Kimberly Sipe (  



Windshield Ghost

I know I have a ghost in our house,  but its benevolent.  One day I was walking out of work,  to the parking garage, talking on my cell phone.  Getting into the car,  I tossed my cell phone into the passengers seat,  and the cell phone camera went off.  It was aimed toward the steering wheel and windshield.  Going through my pics later,  I found the ghost face picture.  The left side of the picture is my driver side window,  the bottom center is the steering wheel and above that, you see a full frontal face peering in through the windshield.  Those I have shown this to,  say "Oh my God,  its a face",  before I even say anything!!  I am looking for a good psychic to look at it and tell me if it is a good/bad influence.  What do you think??    Thanks!!
-Submitted by
 Diana Chamblin-Bevirt, M.S. CCC-SLP


Haunted Viroqua

     I travled to a little town in Wisconsin, about an hour south of LaCrosse where I stayed a weekend.

    I was drawn to the house by its beauty and figured it would help me with my writers block so I book a reservation.  Once I arrived, I started snapping some photographs of the house and discovered that every picture I took, I had abnormalities in the photographs.  No big deal I thought, but one thing that bothered me most about the room where I was staying is that the tv kept going on an off during my stay.  I could not sleep, let a lone write!  I counted seven abnormalities.


Peotone, IL Fire Department Ghost


      I work for the Peotone Fire Protection District as a Firefighter/paramedic.  Last night (9/25/08) we burned down an old farm house for training just behind our fire station.  The house had been rumored to be haunted by the previous owners.  Allegedly, a family member/owner died in the house and it had been haunted ever since.  One of our firefighters took a photo when the house was fully involved in fire.  In this picture he took, there is a eerie shape of white light (not fire) that appears to be a ghost flying out the second story window. This photo freaked all of us out who looked at it.  The house is just a foundation now and we all hope the 'ghost' didn't fly into our fire station to take up new residence!!

-Submitted by

Larry Delia


Ghost Girl at Sorrel Weed House


My name is Toni Mollet and I am from Atlanta, Georgia.  We went to Savannah on vacation a few weeks ago.  We were at the Sorrel Weed House and I was taking pictures in the basement, than of course my camera went dead.  So it was actually yesterday that I noticed the girl in or by the fire place.  If you enlarge the pic little by little.  You can see her.  Her hair, face, and even her dress.  I always saw the orbs in the pic, but it was not until my nephew had seen the pic on myspace page and he started freaking out that I really started paying more attention to the picture.  Than I saw it.  The Girl!  I have never taken a picture like that before.  It was black in the basement too. 

-Submitted by
Toni Mollet (
Atlanta, Georgia

Magosky Museum Joliet, IL


The photo was taken at the P. Seth Magosky Museum on Nov. 23, 2007 (Friday after Thanksgiving) in the afternoon with a Digital single use camera. I was just wondering what "the white spot is" near the left shoulder of the person with red hair. Also 3/4 up the stairs is another smaller white spot on the wall.  I do not think it is part of the wall paper.

-Submitted By

Carol Mulvhill

Archer Woods


Another photo taken in March 2008 at Archer Woods Cemetery. Again I was snapping random shots of the cemetery and was not paying attention to the screen on the camera. It was not till I got home and downloaded my pictures onto my laptop that I noticed another translucent figure in this photo. All I did was circle the figure with my computer. This was taken with the same the cannon 3.0 mega pixel digital camera.
-Submitted by

Kimberly Melendez (


Archer Woods Woman in Mourning


Back in March 2008 the weather was fairly nice out and my fiance and I decided now would be a good time to check out Archer Woods Cemetery in Justice Illinois. We did not have to go very far since the back part of the cemetery is at the end of our block. I had remember reading some books about Chicago's Haunted Spots and Archer Woods Cemetery was one of them. So with our dog, cannon 3.0 mega pixel camera, our DVR and our Palm Centro Cell Phone we headed out. We started off at the back of the cemetery ( which does not have many head stones ) and worked our way around towards the middle and the front of the cemetery. At that point we stared taking random pictures with both the digital camera and the camera that was built in our cell phone. I really did not pay attention to the screen on my camera at the time of this photo.Once I got home and downloaded the pictures from my cannon digital camera  onto my laptop my fiance came across this photo. Zooming in closer it appears to be a translucent figure of a women. I did not do nothing to this photo other then drawing a red line on the left side of the figure and the right side of the figure. I am just wondering if this could be the woman people say they have seen sobbing at the cemetery when they leave.

-Submitted by

Kimberly Melendez  (


Archer Woods Ghost


These pictures where taken in March 2008 at Archer Woods Cemetery  with a Cannon 3.0 mega pixel digital camera. I snapped picture number 3 and 4 because something caught my attention in that direction in the corner of my eye. I can honestly say that at the time my fiance and I where in the cemetery there was no human beings out there with us. Archer Woods Cemetery is not that big of a cemetery and at certain areas in the cemetery you can get basically a good view of the entire cemetery. And the spot where I was standing is one of those advantages points. And I know for a fact when I took this picture that no human being was there. There are a few things in this photo. First directly in front it looks like someone is standing there wearing some sort of blue fabric. To the left behind the tree and it looks like a black shadow is standing in between the tree and a head stone peeking out. And right above it in the leaves of the tree it looks somewhat like a skull.

The next picture which was taken literally seconds after the first one. Whatever was standing there in blue is gone. As I said some kind of movement caught my eye in that area and that is why I snapped these pictures back to back
When I got home I downloaded these photos, noticed what I saw in them and drew circles around them and added some caption to the picture on what I seen...that was all I did with these photos. 




-Submitted by

Kimberly Melendez (


Pool Side Spirit

My name is Dianne and I recently took a family vacation to Sanibel Island Florida.  My sister Jeannie was taking pictures one day of our children sitting on the edge of the pool.  The picture was taken last Wednesday, August 6th at approximately 11am.  It was taken at the main pool area at the Sundial Resort on Sanibel Island, Florida. When we looked at the picture below on the camera screen we noticed a blur.  We thought it may be just moisture on the lense, but the rest of the photos were fine.  to us, the white image looks ghostly.   The night before we were speaking of our deceased grandmother for a very long time. She was very close to us and we wondered if perhaps she visited us by the pool the next day.  
-Submitted by 
Dianne Wuestenfeld  (