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     The Will County Ghost Hunters Society receives numerous pictures from people who would love to have their photos posted on our website for other people to view. For this reason we have added our submitted ghost pictures pages. By posting these photos we do not claim they are paranormal in nature. There are many in which we firmly believe are 100% explainable. However, we would like to give the opportunity to everyone to have their photos viewed. Those who view the photos and would like to rate the photos and post comments may do so. However, please do not post ignorant comments, they will be removed. We will accept all photos that are believed to be paranormal in nature (orbs, mists, vortexes, rods, shadows, apparitions, etc.). Please include a brief description with the photo. Where was it taken? When was it taken? Why was it taken? Who took the photo? Do your want you name and email address posted with the photo?  Please submit all photos to with the subject heading Ghost Picture.

Trio of Apparitions


     Hi I am Steve Barry, founder of the Dark Illusions Paranormal Research Team in Hawley,Pa. I wanted to summit this photo to you. It has 3 apparitions in it. First one is the woman in the far right window holding a pocket book. The second is in the same window lower right corner of curtain, if you zoom there, there is a mans face. And the 3rd is on the arm of the couch between the 2 lit lamps, a mans face. Thanks for looking.

-Submitted by

Steve Barry


Close -up image of far window              Close-up of couch arm





Dunleith Plantation Apparition

    My family just recently visited Dunleith plantation in Natchez, Mississippi. A strange figure appeared in one of the photos. If you look closely at the man in the yellow shirt , to the left of him is a strange face. This photo was taken from a doorway looking into the room. My husband was trying to get a photo of the china on the mantle (the china is in front of a mirror above the mantel). It was not until closer examination that the reflection of the face was discovered. Photo not to be used without the owners written permission.

-Submitted by

Leslie McMurray


Glen Dale Hospital Child's Face

    This is a cropped and enlarged portion of a photo I took at the Glenn Dale Hospital in Glenn Dale, Maryland on January 6,2006.The hospital was opened as a state of the art hospital for the treatment of Tuberculosis in 1933.After the decline of TB it was used for the care of the chronically ill. It closed in 1982 and sits decaying.

     I was there just to take pictures outside of the building. I was there for about 15 minutes when I had the strong feeling to take a shot of this location. This was taken in front of the Nurses Quarters.

     I did not know that I had possibly captured something until I was reviewing the photos later. In the middle of the photo I see what appears to be a child’s face and I also see several other images as well. The child’s face is what really interests me because of its clarity compared to the other images. The child’s face even has a flesh tone to it which i find fascinating.

     Thanks for giving me a place to submit this photo and am looking forward to reading any comments.

-Submitted by

Jim Wissert



Christmas Spirits

     I was showing the pictures to a customer at work of my Christmas Decorations in my yard and this showed up on one of the pictures. I just thought what happened to that picture .Showed the pics. to a customer at work and she says. OH, you have a ghost. I said what? She pointed out the eye sockets, nose, chin, neck. My response was OMG U R rite. This was taken in my yard at home in Forrest, IL. by me .First of many pics and experiences at my 1911 Victorian Home. Spite all my experiences and fears I love my home and I tell them It's my house and I'm not leaving.

-Submitted by



Gettysburg Battlefield Ecto

     I wanted to send my ghost picture over to you and for you to let me know what you think. I had visited Gettysburg, PA last October and was on the battlegrounds just snapping some photos at night. It was very dark out their, and as soon as my flash went off I could see a mist before me in the light from the flash, I didn't think anything of it but when I looked at the screen of my camera I saw this ectoplasm. It appears to be a horse.

-Submitted by




Ghost at your feet


     I have my own ghosts in my 1911 Victorian Home in Forrest, Il. south of Dwight. I also have men stomping around at night, someone going up and down my staircase, children running up and down my foyer, my dog will not go in my basement and he also barks at nothing. I too have had children gates moved. They were on our bedroom door to stop my dog from barking in my sunroom all night long. My husband found my cell phone on the foot of my bed, it was on the night stand when I went to bed. I've had shelves sound like they crashed on the floor, when checked, there was nothing wrong. The spirits are great at mimicking. They mimic me to wake my mom up in my voice to go to work . I told her after 3 xs of that to open her bedroom door, go to the railing and look over. If I'm not there, go back to bed, because I didn't call her, or knock on her door either. I am a Hair Stylist and I had purchased a new set if mini clippers for trimming and I set them on my hair station at my home. I went to use them the next day and they were gone. That was last year and I haven't been able to find them to this day. Also, my mom sleeps upstairs and keeps her bedroom door shut so I got tired of yelling up the stairs for her so I bought a set of 2 way walkie talkies, well about 2 weeks , they also disappeared , never to be found either. They mimicked my dog barking in the sunroom, but, he actually was asleep at the foot of my bed by my feet. Monday, Jan. 17th I was awakened by a shock ,vibrate or a zap of a shock by something that felt like a little shock THAT SCARED ME. I have a friend who is a medium and she has been to my house 2xs and is coming again for me.I think and she agrees there may be one or more portholes in my house because I keep getting new ghosts. You get to know your ghost actions and noise same as your children’s.. I keep getting new ones. Maybe she might be interested She has pointed out spirits in my house and we were able to get good pictures. I also have a picture I took in my yard of a spirit that was standing in front of my camera lense but didn't see it till I printed it out. That was my very first realization I had ghosts.

-Submitted bby



Fairy in the Lily Dale, NY


Close-up of white image                                         Close-up of green orb


     This picture was taken at Lily Dale, NY on the evening of August 3, 2010. We think it shows a Fairy (white object lower left) and a green ORB NW of white object.
It was taken by man with a digital camera. We put it on my Mac to enlarge the white object,  it was then that the green orb showed. The man said the white object was visible with the naked eye.

-Submitted by

Carol Mulvihill



Deer Soul



     Someone I know, brought me a pic saying he seeing orbs in them. See he just got done hunting and it was a deer he just got . You know orbs as well as I would but this one is nothing like i saw. I study religion, occults and necromancy etc. After all the research I have done before this is all most what they say a soul looks like. If u look at it, its bright, very bright and has a blue energy rig around it. Its moving and it is quite big as well, I will send u pics so you can see could this be the soul of the deer. Thanks

-Submitted by-

-Bobby D. Roberts & Dusty Pennell (Owner of Photo)



Porter County Jail Spirit Energy

     The attached picture was taken in April of this year. I'm not sure of the exact date but it might have been the 16th or 17th. The time was about 10:35 PM. The picture was taken with a Nikon D60 with the flash turned off. My wife likes to take low, or no, light pictures. The picture was of a room at the stairs in the upper portion of the Porter Count Jail in Valparaiso Indiana. To us the room was completely dark. When my wife took the picture we could hear the auto focus trying to focus before we heard the click. Evidently the camera saw something we didn't see.

     The room was originally used as a maximum security or a segregation cell. When the jail closed the room was renovated into an office that was abandoned and is now used for storage. The jail is currently is under more renovation.

-Submitted by

Steve Abrams




Into the ceiling



     This was back in 2005.  I know it's ironic how the photos show April 1st but these sons a beaches were not invited.  One of our dogs was going berserk at the kitchen.  Popularity has grown on television with endless amounts of ghost shows so I decided to pick up the camera and start shooting.  Weird jellyfish at first but soon resembles a shape as it moves toward the pantry.  I found this interesting how all this was happening considering our house was built in 2001.  This went on for about ten minutes taking one photo after another.  But things really became abstract when a black shadow dashed from the pantry to the right of the refrigerator.  Soon things mellowed out and these things as far as I know never returned.  The only evidence I can find is from Aurora University.  One of the buildings at Aurora University has the only map of all the buffalo trails along the fox valley area.  One of these trails seemed to run across our subdivision.  Let me know what you think.  I have searched many photos and have not come across any as close as these.  By the way these photos were taken by a Sony DSC-P52 3.2 Mega Pixel Cyber-shot digital camera.


-Submitted by

Neil Huffman



Sasha's Pool  Orb

This photo was taken about 5yrs ago, my front yard, in Rodney, Michigan.
 My daughter was giving her ferret a little dip in the kiddie pool. There was no
 splashing, my camera lens was clean. I stood about 10 feet back on my
porch  and took the picture and this"orb?" appeared in it.
-Submitted by


Street Orbs



 Attached are two pics taken on same night within seconds of each other. The first one had a car driving in the street and I captured it up close in the shot and I took another because I wanted the car out of the picture. It was taken on Nov. 21st, 2010 around 5:40 pm at night, no rain but had rained earlier and crisp cold weather. A place called Placerville, Ca on main street, their downtown area. Placerville is highly known for their rich history in many different areas: Judge Roy Bean and that is hang town right there, gold rush, pony express etc. Please email me if more details are needed.. 

     A friend of mine is convinced that it is a ghost orb and she is very high and dead on in the paranormal stuff. I have had ghost stuff follow me for years, since the crib. I am 44 now.

     My friend's comments about the orb intrigued me to due further online research and I learned about: the outer rings, bug, dust, rain, weather conditions, street lights, flash, sun etc. orbs and the differences between that and the paranormal orbs, and also came across your website.

     The one reason I feel this may be a ghost orb is that I just took a pic of the exact same thing only a few seconds prior to and there was nothing in it. On the second shot, right when i was about to click the shot and was looking into my viewfinder, it appeared. It is a digital Sony Cybershot camera with 14.1 megapixels. also, the orb appeared many feet away from the camera, if i had to guess 30-40 feet maybe farther away?

     Is it a ghost orb? Thank you for your time!

Submitted by- Monica


Cancun Fiesta Ecto


     This picture was taken in May of 1999 in Cancun Mexico right before a Mexican Fiesta at the restaurant.  Maybe they were joining us in the festivities?

-Submitted by

Peggy Aldinger


Westminster Abbey Orb

     My daughter and I were visiting Westminster Abbey in London, England in June of 2005. My daughter said to me right before she took this that she felt spooked and creepy.  That is what made it even spookier when I got the pictures back and saw these giant orbs.  One seems to be directly behind the statue as if it were hiding behind it.  I felt as if I were being watched the whole time.


-Submitted by

Peggy Aldinger