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     The Will County Ghost Hunters Society receives numerous pictures from people who would love to have their photos posted on our website for other people to view. For this reason we have added our submitted ghost pictures pages. By posting these photos we do not claim they are paranormal in nature. There are many in which we firmly believe are 100% explainable. However, we would like to give the opportunity to everyone to have their photos viewed. Those who view the photos and would like to rate the photos and post comments may do so. However, please do not post ignorant comments, they will be removed. We will accept all photos that are believed to be paranormal in nature (orbs, mists, vortexes, rods, shadows, apparitions, etc.). Please include a brief description with the photo. Where was it taken? When was it taken? Why was it taken? Who took the photo? Do your want you name and email address posted with the photo?  Please submit all photos to with the subject heading Submitted Ghost Picture.

Elwood, IL Bonfire Spirit

     My friend and her family were having a bonfire this past July 4th weekend. Her pre-teen son used his cell phone to take a picture of the cool embers above the bonfire. After the weekend, they looked at the pictures again and noticed a man standing in the fire. You can clearly see what looks like a jacket and a hat and even some facial features. We are all amazed by this photo so we started doing some research and read about an explosion in 1942 at the Army Ammunition plant... in Elwood Illinois, near where her house is now. There were more than 30 bodies that were never found from that explosion but an article did state that they were finding body parts miles away. What is even cooler is that they put up a statue to honor the men that were killed in that explosion and the statue is wearing a hat just like the ghost in the fire. I will post some pictures. If anyone has any more info on the explosion or input, please comment. I am in awe at this picture.

Close-up of the image

    This is what the workers at the plant wore, this is the statue dedicated to them. The hat looks the same.

-submitted by Carrie Mitcheff

Apparition of Priest at the Abbey in France



      A family friend went on vacation to France and took about 1100 pictures.  When going through the photos he saw this one that he took in an Abbey that he was visiting.  He swears there was nobody standing in the fireplace when he took this photo.  It appears to be a full body apparition of what appears to be a priest standing in a fireplace.  You can see a female tourist off to the left for a comparison.

-Submitted by Rick

Cropped and lightened

Goodlettsville, TN


      Look to your left on the closet door, there is ecto of what appears to be a child. This house was very active it belonged to my In-Laws. My daughter (Brittany) was one and a half in the photo, she is now 13. We were staying with in laws until my husband could find work as he had just came out of the Marines. We all slept in the same room (me my daughter and husband) one morning we awoke to the dresser drawers opening and closing on their own in VERY rapid succession! We were freaked! The house is in Goodlettsville Tennessee. I don't know who owns it now though...........

-Submitted by

Mona Lisa Rosenblatt


South Texas Ectoplasmic Mist


     This picture was taken at a private residence in south Texas in 2002. No one was smoking, there was no fog or smog, and it was not cold. A really nice and unusual example of spirit mist / ectoplasmic mist. 

-Submitted by Sam


Sachs Bridge, Gettsburg, Pa


     This picture was taken at the Cornfield area of Sachs Covered Bridge in Gettysburg, PA in 2001 at around 11:40pm. The fields there are reported to have been used as hospitals and graves. 

-Submitted by Sam

Wedding Crashers in Streamwood, IL


     My girlfriend and I attended a wedding on 6/24/07 at a place called The Seville at 700 South Barrington Road in Streamwood,IL.  The picture was taken with a digital camera with I believe no flash.  We were the first ones to find our seats so we decided to take some pictures of the settings while nobody was blocking the view, and this is what showed up in the picture. We didn't realize it until we downloaded it on the computer. This is the only picture that had an image, all others were fine. 

Submitted by


Great Valley Road, Yorktown, Va


      This picture was taken in June of 2004 on a slave trail known as Great Valley Road in Yorktown, VA by Dave Brault.  Dave was walking back to get his video camera when he felt a cold breeze pass by him.  He took this picture which shows blue ectoplasmic mist.


Woman in White?

     It was taken at my friend Shaun's neighborhood (blonde hair, I'm the red head) about one or two years ago. It was taken because we were just running around the neighborhood celebrating her birthday. Our friend Kelly and Alyssa took the picture. We were just looking at old photos and saw it. We would just like to know if it a ghost-woman dressed in a white dress off to the left of the photo. Thanks!


Russel Heights, MO. Ghostly Mist

      I took this photo on November 20, 2010 at 3am in the Russel Heights Cemetery in Jackson, MO. It was 25 degrees outside. I took over 200 photos on this investigation. At the time this photo was taken it was 30 degrees below zero. Ectoplasmic mist is clearly seen in this photo.

-submitted by

Dariel Borgfield


Rockdale Vortex


     This picture was taken in my garage on Friday July 30, 2010. I was taking a picture just for fun. I did not notice this white and gray vortex type thing until yesterday. I went back to the garage to retake the picture again and cannot figure out how that would be hanging from my rafters in the garage.

-Submitted by

Amanda Babiarz