Case Number:


988 Newtown Road

Northwest Burbs, IL

     On November 4, 2009 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society conducted an investigation at a synagogue in the Northwest Burbs of Chicago,IL. The building was built in 1910 as a private home and converted into a business in 1948. The main room at this location has been host to many different ceremonies over the years; including weddings and funerals. The day prior to the WCGHS being in the location a funeral was held.

     There have been numerous reports of paranormal activity in the building over the years. Several people have heard voices and disembodied footsteps. Several people have felt the presence of someone or something being in the rooms with them. There was no one in any of the rooms that were investigated. There were several EVP sessions conducted at the location. The WCGHS was able to capture an EVP of what sounds like a woman and music playing. It is unclear exactly what is being said on the recording. There was no photographic evidence to support the claims of the haunting. in sanctuary no one in there.wma


     The EVP that was captured supports the claims of the disembodied voices that have been heard by employees and visitors. The WCGHS plans on conducting another investigation sometime in the near future.