Haunted House Near St. Francis University

Case Number:


146 Will Road

Joliet, IL 60436


     In early October 2009, the Will County Ghost Hunters Society was contacted by a home owner  in Joliet who’s home we investigation on June 26, 2009. She had informed us that she had moved out of the home and would like us to return to conduct a follow-up investigation in hopes that we would be able to capture evidence to support the claims of paranormal activity. To read the previous investigation report, please click here.

     On October 11, 2009 the WCGHS returned to the home. The team arrived approximately at 8PM and was greeted by the home owner Megan. The team was shown into the home. Since the previous investigation in June the family had moved out, so there was no longer any furniture in the location.  Megan shared with us some of the research and experiences she has had since we were there in June. She has learned the home was actually older then she initially thought. She was able to trace it back to 1900. She also learned the names of the man and woman who lived there until 1955 when it was sold to her parents.  Megan was shown and informed on how to conduct her own EVP sessions. She has done many since the time we left in June. She believes the man who lived there is haunting the bathroom and is unable to leave the room. He believes the man’s wife is also haunting the home and is able to move throughout the home. She is being held back and unable to talk to other people, because her husband will not allow it.

      The team quickly unloaded the equipment, and then did a quick walk through of the home with the home owner Megan. It was determined that the team would set up base in the eat in kitchen.

The investigators present during the investigation were:

Dan Jungles – Lead Investigator

Brian Brozovich – DVR Tech

Ron Muldoon – Investigator

Debra Shea- Investigator

Jason Houck – Investigator

Non-investigators present:

Megan- Home owner

Sharon – Megan’s friend

     The team determined that in order to properly cover the home we needed to set up five of the DVR IR cameras. Dan, Brian, and Jason started to set up the DVR and cameras, while Debra and Ron recorded base line temperature and EMF readings throughout the home.

The cameras were positioned as such:

Camera one was placed in the living room facing the bathroom were a lot of the reported activity has occurred.

Camera two was placed in the basement pointing towards an area were several odds noises were heard and the home owners children captured a shooting rod on video.

Camera three was placed in the master bedroom.

Camera four was placed in the children’s bedroom.

Camera five was placed in the spare bedroom.


     Once all the equipment was set in place, it was determined that the team should stay together in order to eliminate the possibility of mistaking the noises made by other members of the team as paranormal. The home owner Megan and her friend Sharon were asked to stay at the team’s base. Dan decided to stay back at the DVR in order to monitor the activity. Approximately at 9PM Brian, Ron, Debra, and Jason went upstairs to the bedrooms to take photos and conduct EVP sessions.  There were a couple of spikes on the EMF meters, but nothing else unusual was noted during this part of the investigation.  

    The team returned to the base in the eat in kitchen. A short break was taken and Dan was filled in by the team about what they did and experienced upstairs.  While discussing the investigation Dan and Jason both thought they saw one of the cameras move.  It was decided that Jason would stay back at the base and monitor the DVR system, and the team would go to the basement to conduct the next portion of the investigation. The team took EMF and temperature readings throughout the basement. There were no fluctuations in  EMF of temperature readings noted during the time we were down there.  An extensive EVP session was performed. The team did not note any personal experiences during the course of the portion of the investigation.

    The teams returned to the base and were discussing what had happened up to this point in the investigation and what was going to be done next. It was 10:43PM when several investigators heard footsteps coming from either the master bedroom or the children’s bedroom directly above. Dan, Brian, Ron, and Jason quickly ran upstairs. The team took numerous photos, and conducted an EVP session.  The team did not find anyone upstairs nor could they explain the noises they heard.

     It was decided that the entire team and the home owner should go to the living room and conduct the next portion of the investigation. EMF and temperature readings were recorded. The team blanketed the room with photographs. The team decided to conduct an EVP session this time with the introduction of the ghost box. During the EVP session there were several fluctuations on the EMF meters.

     The team then went back to the eat in kitchen were the team had established base.  What the team had already done and what still need to be done were discussed.  It was determined that the team would split up for the last part of the investigation.

     Brian, Debra and the home owner Megan went into the first floor bathroom were a lot of the reported activity has occurred. The EMF and temperature reading were recorded, and did not fluctuate during the course of this portion of the investigation. A series of photos was taken by both investigators. The team then conducted an EVP session. There were no noted personal experiences during this portion of the investigation.

     At the same time, Dan, Ron, and Jason headed upstairs to area were the footsteps were heard previously in the night. We believe that the footsteps were walking between the children’s bedroom and the master bedroom. The team took numerous still photos and thermal imaging photos. It was then determined that another EVP session should be conducted, but this time the ghost box should be used. Shortly after starting the EVP session, Dan asked the question, “Are you afraid to talk to us?” Almost immediately an elderly woman responds, “Can’t.” All the team members heard this at the time it was said. It was our feeling she was frail or scared, possibly both.  There were no other responses that were heard. No fluctuations in either the EMF of temperature fields were noted during this portion of the investigation. 




     The team regrouped at the base that had been established. It was decided that the investigation was concluded to our standards and the equipment should be broken down. The equipment was packed up. The home owner was thank for having us over to conduct an additional investigation and was told that we would be contacting her shortly with the results of the investigation.

 Review of Data


Collectively the WCGHS recorded a total of 10 hours, 31 minutes of audio. There were several investigators who recorded the same EVP from the upstairs ghost box session where Dan asks, “Are you afraid to talk with us?” Then an elderly woman responds, “Can’t.”   This was the only EVP what was recorded.


During the course of the investigation the WCGHS collectively recorded a total of 16 hours, 16 minutes of video. The video did not show any evidence of any paranormal activity.


Collectively the WCGHS took a total of 442 photos. Several of the photos contained orbs, which were determined to be dust. There were no photos that were considered to be paranormal in nature.

Personal Experiences:

Several investigator heard footsteps coming from upstairs when we were in the kitchen. Everyone was in the kitchen. There was no one up there during this time.



The WCGHS team was able to record one Class 1 EVP during the investigation that was conducted on October 11, 2009. Several investigators also heard footsteps coming from the upstairs area were the EVP was recorded. We believe the home does have paranormal activity and feel that an additional investigation may shed some light on why the haunting is occurring.