Case number:


146 Will Road

Joliet, IL 60436

     In June of 2009, the Will County Ghost Hunters Society was contacted by a woman living in a home near the University of Saint Francis in Joliet, IL who believed that her family was experiencing paranormal activity in her home.  She claimed that her family was hearing a man and woman’s voice, as well as other numerous unexplainable events. To protect the woman’s identity we will refer to her as Megan in this report.

    The home was built at the turn of the century near the then, College of Saint Francis. The caretaker for the college lived with his wife in the home until 1955. In 1955, Megan’s parent’s purchased the home where her family lived until 1974. During the 19 years when she lived there, she and her family experience several unexplainable events.  Many of which happened after her dad removed a pantry and put a bathroom in its place. From 1974 until 1993 there were two different homeowners. There was a report of an attempted suicide in 1993. Shortly after the attempted suicide, Megan purchased the home. It was at this point she moved in with her family. The family had to do numerous renovations to the home. It was almost immediately that her and her two children started hearing voices and experiencing unusual activity.  Megan decided to call the Will County Ghost Hunters Society to find out if we would be able to capture evidence of the activity that they have experienced in the home.

Megan’s original email to the WCGHS:

My house was USF's original groundskeepers home at the beginning of the century. My Dad bought it in 1955 and sold it in 1974. I bought it back in 1993. My 4 sisters and I had numerous paranormal events over the years....mine escalating when I remodeled and had it blessed by two Catholic priests around 2003.... (You wouldn't believe those events. omg. horrifying.) I will be moving out in two months after 27 years here at 146 Will Road,  Joliet. My young sons were even tortured for a few years with evil voices...the incidents are too many to tell. I have heard, felt and seen so much. I want to know who and what before I go....However, I am still afraid to stir things up. One of these things is evil. (There was an attempted suicide in 1993 before I bought it back.) What do you recommend? There are so many psychos out there that would love to mess things up in here that I am reluctant who I contact; however, you seem authentic and very genuine. I've heard people called this the "haunted corner" at the last CAPA house walk....My house is slated for the USF bulldozers if they get their way. I plan on renting it out for as long as possible.

An additional email from Megan prior to the investigation:

I sent you some info but on the wrong "survey" page. I hope you can retrieve it. My home is the original USF caretaker's home. (146 Will Road) My father bought it in 1955 and sold it in 1974. I bought it back in 1993. The events are too numerous (some unbelievably frightening) to mention. I will be moving out in approx. 2 months and wish to find answers as to who and what my family has seen, felt and heard over the many years. My incidents escalated around 2003 when I had the house blessed after a remodeling....the following events horrified Father Dennis Paul (the Associate Pastor at St Mary Nativity at the time) ...who insisted he bless the place. What is here is mostly peaceful but at times something evil has caused us such heartache and fear. My sons were tortured when young with evil voices. I have to say, I want answers but part of me is afraid to stir it up again. I do want to find out who my peaceful resident is....

The USF has my corner slated for the bulldozer (a parking issue). I plan on renting my home out after living here for 27 years total. The home next to mine was also affiliated with mine. It has also been known to have paranormal activity...which I can attest to. (Also, my sons have captured an erratic shooting orb on video taken in our basement a few months ago. I have tried to dispute it.)

I could go on and on. What do you recommend?


Thank You~

    On June 26, 2009 the Will County Ghost Hunters Society went to the location to conduct an investigation.  The team consisted of Tom Wilson, Brian Brozovich, Debra Shea, and Ron Muldoon. The team conducted an interview and was then shown around the home. T

Interview Questionnaire



1.  Address of site: 146 Will Road, Joliet, IL 60436


2.  How many occupants at location: 4


3.  Occupants names and ages:  Bill (45) Megan (45) Ted (13) Steve (11)



4.  Occupants occupations:  Stay at home mom / IT Exec.


5.  Occupants religious beliefs: Practicing Catholic


6.  Time of occupancy at the location:  Megan born there and then came back again in 1993


7.  Age of the site: Turn of the century


8.  How many previous owners: _unknown


9.  History of site (tragedies, deaths, previous complaints):  Used to be a caretakers house.  She did mention that a brother and sister may have died in the home when they were older (The Smith brother and sister) but is not sure.  It was a 3 unit apartment at one time and a woman tried to commit suicide in the 2nd unit.  See comments at end of questions.


10.  How many rooms in the site:  10- 3 Bedrooms, Living room, Kitchen, Dining room, 2 bathrooms, laundry room, mechanical room


11.  Has the location been blessed:  Yes….2 times


12.  Has there been any recent remolding:  Many renovations.  Bathroom more recent and seems to have stirred up the activity.


13.  Any occupants on medication:  Yes        X  No

       Names of medications:


14.  Any occupants using illegal drugs (this will not be reported):  Yes      X No


15.  Any occupants drink alcohol heavily:   Yes               X No


16.  Any occupants interested in the occult (Ouija, séances, psychics, spells):   Yes    X No

If yes, who and what are they interested in? ________________________________________



17.  Any occupants currently seeing a psychiatrist: No


18.  Have any religious clergy been consulted:  Yes – six years ago_


19.  Has there been any media involvement: No


20.  Have there been any other witnesses besides the occupants:  Megan’s sisters experienced a lot as they grew up there.  Megan didn’t until she moved back there in 1993 but she had some next door.  Kids and husband have experienced things here too.  She feels whatever is there is reacting to her “man” in her life.


21.  Have there been any odors (perfumes, flowers, sulfur, or excrement):  smells cigarettes but there is a campus across street and lots of kids walking around smoking so it can be that.  No other smells.


22. Have there been any sounds – explain (footsteps, knocks, banging):  Door slammed in bathroom when husband taking a shower. 


23.  Have there been any voices (whispering, yelling, crying, speaking Megan has heard a lady speaking.  Son, Ted, has heard an angry sounding man.  Steve has heard someone calling him Ted when he was in the shower.


24.  Has there been any movement of objects: X Yes     No
If yes, what was it?  Keys hidden for a week and other things being moved…almost like a prank.


25.  Have there been any levitations:  Yes    X No
If yes, what was it and who saw it happen?  _____________________________________________________________________________


26.  Have there been any uncommon cold or hot spots:  Yes    X No
If yes, where and when did it happen and who felt it?  _____________________________________________________________________________


27.  Have there been any problems with electrical appliances (TV, lights, kitchen appliances, doorbells):  Lights turned off on boyfriend (now hubby), stereo turned out full blast after being turned off along with the lights.


28.  Have there been any problems with plumbing (leaks, flooding, sinks, toilet bowls): No


29.  Any occupants having nightmares or trouble sleeping: X Yes             No 

If yes, who?  Ted and Steve, the boys


30.  Have there been any physical attacks:  Yes            X No 

If yes, what type of attacks and to whom:  ___________________________________________


31.  What pets affected:  The cats.  She has had the house blessed on 2 occasions The first one the priest laughed about it and when he went to bless her cats, which she requested, he made a joke about it stating "bless your cat?  you know I hate cats" and then laughed.  A few days later after that the cat died by bleeding from every single organ.  The vet had no idea or reason why that would have happened and the cat was healthy.  It was too much of a coincidence that the cat died after the priest blessed it while laughing about it.  This devastated both her and the priest.  The second time was with another priest and he did it over the phone and things were calm in her house.  That was about 6 years ago. She has been seeing a shadow of a cat and she hopes it is hers.


32.  When was the first occurrence of the phenomena:  1993


33.  What were the reactions during the phenomena: laughing at first but then things changed and now getting scared.


34.  How long were the durations of the phenomena: few seconds to minutes


35.  Who first witnessed the phenomena: sisters when they were younger…then Megan and the kids


36.  Were there any other witnesses: husband, kids, sisters


37.  What time was the first occurrence of the phenomena: all the time but a lot in the afternoon and evening


38.  How often does the phenomenon occur: all the time but a lot in the afternoon and evening.  They have begun to ignore it and it seems to stop and then start up again after some time.


39.  Do the occupants feel threatened:  Yes              X No

If yes, in what way?    Just scared


40.  Do the occupants believe this is supernatural or paranormal activity:  X  Yes     No


41.  Do all of the occupants agree on what is happening or do they think it’s nonsense:

      X Yes, all believe                          No, _____________________ thinks it’s nonsense


42.  How did you hear about us?  Intenet and our website.  A friend and met Seth Magosky before but didn’t know him personally. 


43. In what way do you want us to help you?   Find out who it is and what they want.  They don’t want the nice lady to leave but they do want the angry man not to bother them. 


     The DVR system was set up using 5 cameras. Once this was done, the team took base line EMF and temperature readings. It was then determined that it would be best for the team to remain together for the course of the investigation.  The team conducted several different EVP sessions and investigated the home thoroughly.  No one on the team had any personal experiences at the home.

     After the review of evidence the team determined that there was no evidence of paranormal activity in the home on the night of June 26, 2009. Megan was contacted and the results of the investigation were disclosed to her.  We could not say the home was haunted, but we could not gather any evidence on the night of June 26, 2009 to prove it was.