What is EVP?

   Electronic Voice Phenomenon or EVP is science of recording voices and sounds of the dead. These sounds and voices are not heard by the investigators at the time of the recording, but are heard when played back. These are an important step in providing scientific evidence that there is intelligent life after death.

     Where is a good place to do EVP? Almost anyplace is a good location, it does not have to be a location of tragedy or a history of death. However, these are good locations. Spirits are everywhere. Just think of all the places that man has been, if man has been there, then there is a good chance that a spirit can be there. Some of the most common spots that people attempt EVP are  cemeteries, battlefields, places where death have occurred, and places that are suppose to be haunted. Spirits are eager to talk to us, and once they figure out what we are doing they are eager to talk. I should say that most that do talk are distressed or saddened with despair.

     Recording EVP does not require sophisticated equipment or a lot of money. Almost any type of audio recorder will do. The most popular are the hand held recorders, they are micro-cassette, cassette, digital, and CD. When using any type of recorder, you should take the recorder to someplace that is quite. You should then record two minutes of silence, then play it back. You should not hear anything, if you do you should use an external microphone. Now, with the external microphone in place record two minutes of silence. If you do not hear anything, then the recorder is a good recorder to use for EVP. However, if you still hear static and grinding, then this recorder should not be used. If you are using a cassette, micro-cassette or CD recorder, you should only record on the tape or CD one time, this will prevent "bleeding" from previous recordings!  You can always use them for recording music or something else. Remember, this is very important work that you are attempting, so you should you quality name brand tapes and CDs.