Date of Investigation:

January 6, 2007

Geomagnetic Field:


Solar X-Rays:


Moon Phase:

Waning Gibbous 94%

Investigators Present:

Dan Jungles, Cindy Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Tracey Brandys, Michele Young, Christie Dolph

Site Address:

Wheeler Cemetery

Mazon, IL

Age of site:

The first burials in this cemetery were done in the spring of 1851.

Current Status of site:

The cemetery is still an active cemetery where burials still take place.

Phenomena reported:

There has are no stories or reports of paranormal activity that we know of associated with this location.

Number of photos taken:

No photographs were taken because of the rain.

Video taken:

No video was taken.

Audio Recorded:

Collectively the WCGHS team recorded 47 minutes of audio.

Start time:



41 degree Fahrenheit

EMF reading:

The base reading was .01 milligauss

Fluctuations were between .01 to .03 milligauss

Investigation notes:

Upon arriving at the location what was a mist became a steady rain. The wind also began to blow much heavier, it was quickly determined that no photographs were going to be taken. The team did attempt an EVP session at a gravesite where we previously were successful. The combination of rain and wind seemed to pick up rapidly, so it was determined that the investigation would be ended.

Review of data:


No photographs were taken due to the rain.


The audio recorded did not show any evidence of the paranormal.


No fluctuations in temperature was detected.

EMF readings:

No abnormal fluctuations were reported. The .01 milligauss to .03 milligauss readings were within the normal range that one might expect to find.


A proper investigation could not be conducted due to the weather conditions. However, previous investigations have shown that there are spirits here that do attempt to communicate with the living. The WCGHS will return to this location several times in the upcoming year in attempts to gather additional evidence of the haunting here.