Willard Grove Cemetery


Date of Investigation:

January 6, 2007

Geomagnetic Field:


Solar X-Rays:


Moon Phase:

Waning Gibbous 89%

Investigators Present:

Dan Jungles, Kathy Stinson, Sarah Johnson, Cindy Johnson

Site Address:

Willard Grove Cemetery

Channahon, IL

Number of photos taken:


Video taken:


Audio Recorded:

1 Hour 54 Minutes

Start time:



28 degree Fahrenheit

EMF reading:

The base reading was .01 milligauss

Fluctuations were between .00 to .08 milligauss

Investigation notes:

The temperature was slightly chilly, but it was a calm evening. There was no wind or moisture present. The cemetery was extremely quite. On the previous investigation, a large number of geese continuously were honking at a near-by pond making EVPs impossible. A great sense of calmness and peace were in the air. The investigation did not last as long as it normally would have due to the cold weather, but went very well.

Review of data:


None of the photos taken showed any evidence of paranormal activity. Several photos were taken orbs appeared in, but these were determined to be dust and/or moisture. Numerous other photos taken showed what looked like possibly ectoplasmic mist, but was determined to be our breathe in the cold air.


The almost 2 hours of audio recorded did not produce any evidence of the paranormal.


No fluctuations in temperature was detected.

EMF readings:

No abnormal fluctuations were reported. The .01 milligauss to .08 milligauss readings were within the normal range that one might expect to find.


There was no evidence of any paranormal activity on the night of our investigation. However, it is clear when visiting this cemetery there is definitely a presence watching you. There is always a feeling of great peace and calm at this location. On previous investigations we were able to record several EVPs and capture the paranormal activity in still photos as well. We look forward to the weather warming and being able to conduct a longer investigation here.