Wilmington, IL Home Investigation

     In June 2013, the Will County Ghost Hunters Society was contacted by a home owner  in Wilmington.  The residents consisted of mother, father, and 3 children  ranging from approx. 13 - 18 years of age. 


    Mom claims that they catch orbs in many photos that they take.  They feel as if they see faces in the photos they take all over the house.  The oldest daughter claims that her leg hurts a lot when she is in her bedroom and has a hard time standing because of the pain.  No other person was in the house when she heard a sound in the girls room.  When she looked for what caused the noise, realized it was a snow globe that had fallen off of the girls' dresser and broke. They claim that it was no where near the edge of the dresser.  The mother sleeps in the front family room in a hospital bed due to an illness so the father sleeps alone in the room with the dog.  He claims that the dog barked at the wall one day and no longer goes into that room.  Another claim happened in the bathroom, while showering the mom said that a shampoo bottle flew off the shelf at her.  Not from the top shelf, but sideways.  While the mom is sleeping she also says that she hears the sound of 'forks on plates' in the kitchen, which is just on the other side of the wall.

She showed several photos of what she claimed were faces on the wall.  There was one she claimed was a dog on the wall by the front door.  After trying repeatedly to have the church come out to bless the house, they basically told her to just play religious music in the house to make it go away.  She was at her wits end.



During the initial call by the family, the mother had told WCGHS that this stared in March, 2013 when a friend of her oldest daughter had died suddenly in a car crash in the same town.  Before that, the mother was admitted into the hospital for health reasons November/December of 2012.  A lot of negative things have happened to this family all within close proximity of each other.  After the oldest daughters friend died, she was given part of her ashes in a necklace.  The mother did not want this in the house but the daughter wanted to keep it.  They claim that ever since this entered the house, something bad has come into their home.  At her friends funeral, the mom of the deceased had given the oldest daughter one of her daughters favorite snow globe (she was a collector).  This is the same snow globe that had fallen mysteriously and broke in the room. They have lived in the house for over 25 years and nothing has ever happened in all that time.  Just started so the team feels that there was nothing there originally to cause any issues.



The team quickly unloaded the equipment, and then did a quick walk through of the home with the home owner. It was determined that the team would set up base on the kitchen table.

The investigators present during the investigation were:

Jason Houck – Investigator

Ron Muldoon – Investigator

Christine Randall – Investigator/Photographer

Stewart Honeck- Investigator-in-Training

All family members were present as well.

The team determined that in order to properly cover the home we needed to set up three DVR IR cameras.   A first walk through of the house was made by all four investigators recording base line temperature and EMF readings throughout the home.

The cameras were positioned as such:

Camera one was placed in the kitchen at the cabinets where noises were reported.

Camera two was placed in the girls bedroom pointed at the snow globe that claimed to have fallen on it's own on the dresser.

Camera three was placed in the master bedroom pointed towards the corner of the room that the dog was barking and staring at. 

     Once all the equipment was set in place, it was determined that since it was a small residence that the team should stay together in order to eliminate the possibility of mistaking the noises made by other members of the team as paranormal. The home owner and family quietly sat in the front room.

    The master bedroom was the first room that the team investigated.  After the EMF sweep, it was determined that there the EMF was extremely high towards the window fan and overhead fan.   It was so high that an animal such as a dog would feel very uncomfortable in that type of high EMF situation.  We did have K2 fluctuations at the beginning of investigating the master bedroom.  This was dismissed after it was determined that Stu's new cell phone was setting it off.  Once turned off, the fluctuations ceased the rest of the night.  Investigation in that room for approximately 45 minutes.  No further events were noted in the master bedroom.

    The second room investigated was the girls' bedroom.  This room was very small with a bunk bed in the center of it.  After the EMF sweep, it was also determined that the room had a very high EMF field from the overhead fan as well as the standing fan.  Questions were asked about the oldest daughters deceased friend but no responses were captured in recordings after review.  The oldest daughter was brought in towards the end of investigating that room to see if that would elicit any responses.

     The team then brought out the Ghost Box to use in the master bedroom with no results.  Then brought into the girls bedroom with no responses as well.  

     The team regrouped at the base that had been established. It was decided that the investigation was concluded to our standards and the equipment should be broken down. The equipment was packed up. The home owner was thank for having us over to conduct an investigation and was told that we would be contacting her shortly with the results of the investigation.

 Review of Data


Collectively the WCGHS recorded 442+ minutes of audio. With no questionable recordings.


After review of video recordings, nothing out of the ordinary was recorded.


Collectively the WCGHS took 100+ photos. Several of the 'faces' images that the homeowner had claimed where on her photos were debunked as patterns in the wall.  This was proven by Christine re-creating them or visually seeing the patterns on the wall.

Personal Experiences:

No reported experiences by investigators.



By Christine:  Uneventful night, no strange feelings or noises.  The photos that were shown to us all seemed to have been debunked by knotholes or other blemishes in the walls.  Also, the extremely high EMF detected in the house, I feel, is a large reason for the weird feelings.  The massive amount of EMF detected in the bedroom is probably why the dog will not go into that room.


The past events of the mom having part of her lung removed and a pacemaker put it, along with the death of those 4 young kids added to the high EMF in the house is probably what started all of this. , I feel that they need to get through this tough time, get the wiring insulated in their house along with better insulated fans and things would settle down for them.


By Ron:  No personal experiences encountered.  It must be noted that an initial EMF sweep at the outset of the investigation revealed an abundance of VERY high EMF fields prevalent in the Master bedroom, and to a slightly lesser degree in the girls bedroom. The combination of the window mounted fan/ac unit, the TV, portable phone base, the clock radio, and ceiling fan in the Master bedroom created a “fear cage” effect in that room and is likely why the dog has a reaction in that room and does not want to be in it. It all growls at the window/NE corner of the room where the window fan unit peaked the digital EMF meter to an “E” for error. The ceiling fan and other electronics in the room ranged from 20-75.

 The girls room ceiling fan read at 89, the boom box type stereo unit on the dresser at approx. 20+ and the oscillating fan next to the bed at 125 on the digital EMF meter.

  I firmly believe that much of what might seem to otherwise be explainable phenomena in these rooms is being exaggerated by the ongoing exposure to high EMF in the same areas.

  Also, a picture taken by the home occupants of the horse decal/stenciling on the wall of the girls bedroom behind the door of a possible face was debunked by Stu and I as it appeared to be a nail head in the drywall beginning the poke through and hit with just the right angle of flash to appear to be a face.