Wilmington, IL Home Follow-up Investigation

 Follow Up Investigation to our July 2, 2013

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New Claims:

Homeowner had new claims after our first investigation in July. While her youngest daughter was in her bedroom changing, a deodorant container flew across the room so hard that it caused a small bruise(attach photo).  More orbs in photos.  The oldest daughter had received a handmade metal rose flower from her boyfriend and it keeps spinning in the glass vase that it is in on her dresser.  Daughters leg still has pain issues.


A second investigation was conducted 2 1/2 months after the first investigation by:

Ron Muldoon - Investigator

Christine Randall - Investigator/Photographer

Craig Butkovic - Investigator in training


After a second investigation, no evidence was collected.


Update: October 27, 2013

Christine receives a text from the mother stating that 'it's gone now'.  After being told to just confront this and to tell it to go away, they set up in the girls bedroom and had the oldest daughter tell it to 'go away'.  They claim that a wind went through the room (windows were closed), the curtains moved with the wind and it just left. 

This is a completed/closed case.