Case Number: 090409

Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery

23060 W. Jefferson St

Joliet, IL 60436


The Will County Ghost Hunters Society has been conducting investigation at Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery for the past six years. On September 4, 2009 the WCGHS was back at the location for a follow up investigation.


Phenomena Reported:


     Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery has had its share of ghost stories associated  with it. There has been numerous reports of people seeing apparitions and strange lights in the cemetery grounds, and the chapel. The most frequently reported sightings are that of an elderly gentlemen near the pond, and a young woman in the chapel.  Many people visiting here also have reported hearing voices, whispers, and having their names called out by an unseen source.  


History of location:


     Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery was established in . It is located in Joliet, IL at 413128N 0881036W Joliet Twp, Section 21 in Will County. The cemetery is still an active burial cemetery.


Investigation Notes:


Arrival Notes: Upon arrival in the cemetery, it was noted that there was a couple visiting a nearby grave, so EVPs conducted in a passive manner should be closely noted and reviewed. The grass was recently cut, which could create a high amount of dust in the air, and could help explain any orbs captured.


Geomagnetic Field: Quiet


Solar X-Rays: Normal


Moon Phase: 100% Full Moon


EMF Readings:

Upon arrival the base reading was .03 milligauss.


Investigators Present:


Dan Jungles- Lead Investigator




Review of Data



Collectively the WCGHS recorded a total of 1 hours, 45 minutes, and 43 seconds of audio. There was no evidence of any paranormal activity on the recordings.



The WCGHS did not record any video during the course of this investigation.




Collectively the WCGHS took a total of 103 photos. There were several photos containing orbs. These were determined to be dust, bugs, and reflections off headstones. There were no photos that were determined to be paranormal in nature.


Personal experiences:


There were no personal experiences during the course of this investigation.




There were no significant temperature fluctuations that were detected.  


EMF reading:

During the course of our investigation the readings fluctuated between .01 to .07 milligauss.  These fluctuations are consider to be in the normal and not paranormal in nature.




     Although this investigation did not yield any evidence of paranormal activity, previous investigations have. The EVPs recorded on previous investigation lends  credence to the story of the gentlemen seen near the pond. It is a very difficult place to investigate do to the high reflectivity of the headstones, and the high volume of traffic on the nearby road.  However, it is possible to still conduct valid investigations here, and the WCGHS will continue to do so.